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Can we make a living from matched betting?

Yes! but it’s extremely tough.

Like I have mentioned before you can easily make £1000 a month from matched betting. You might think that is enough to go full time but you need to think carefully. While matched betting is a great way to earn money online and it can and will last a long time you need to be careful .

You could get gubbed.

If one or more of the bookies restricts your account or stops giving you free bet offers your income could be dramatically reduced. We need to look after our accounts with mug bets to stop this happening however sometimes it just can’t be avoided. There will be a handful of bookies that will form the main part of your income. If you lose them you could end up struggling to make your £1000 target.

The future is unknown.

We don’t know if certain bookmakers will close or go out of business and even if they don’t they may stop offering as many free bets making it hared to profit. Bookie offers change all the time so if you are making a lot of money from an ongoing offer now that offer may not be there in the future.

Your internet might go down.

If your internet goes down for an extended period you won’t be able to get bets on and you will be making no money.

Many people can and do make a full time living from matched betting but often they have been doing it so long they can make money very easily. If you are just starting out then this shouldn’t even be on your mind. Enjoy making some extra money around your full time job until you are really proficient.

Many people who are full time are multi accounting. Multi accounting allows you to do each free bet offer multiple times and make a lot of money however this is probably illegal and a form of fraud. Also if the bookie catches you doing this they will close your accounts and are within their rights to keep any money in the accounts. That could lead to huge losses of cash and also completely cut off that revenue stream.

So yes you can make a living from matched betting but you might want to think carefully about going full time. For more info on the best way to make big money from matched betting then you need to join a matched betting site like Oddsmonkey. You can read my review of Oddsmonkey here.

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