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Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator is one of the most popular matched betting sites alongside OddsMonkey. It was one of the first membership sites to teach people about matched betting and they brought many people into this industry with their guides and tutorials but are they still worth signing up with? Well we think they are good but

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What is a betting exchange?

If you are getting into matched betting you need to be familiar with the betting exchanges. The exchange allows us to place lay bets which are the bets we place to bet against the bookies. A bookmaker will alow you to place back bets only. For example: betting on Arsenal to win, betting on Andy

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Arb Betting. Taking advantage of betting exchanges

Arb betting is something I recommend you avoid if you are going to be matched betting with Oddsmonkey however if you have been gubbed on one of your bookie accounts you might want to take a few arbs for some easy money. An arb bet is when the odds at the bookies are higher than

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Oddsmonkey Review

When we first started our matched betting journey we decided to go it alone. There are a few free sites out there which post a few offers a day. For a while this was fine and we made some money but then someone recommended we look into Oddsmonkey. At first I didn’t see the need

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