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Oddsmonkey Review

When we first started our matched betting journey we decided to go it alone. There are a few free sites out there which post a few offers a day. For a while this was fine and we made some money but then someone recommended we look into Oddsmonkey. At first I didn’t see the need to pay money to get the info I could get for free but I signed up for a free trial and had a look at what they were offering. Straight away I was blown away and realised that this was going to explode my daily profits.

Oddsmonkey not only posts all the offers you can do every day but they do it in a way that makes it quick and easy. Their daily offer calendar highlights all the offers of the day and rates them from easy to hard and outlines how much money you can make from each offer. This allows you to prioritise the high value offers and come back to the lower value ones if you have time.

They also have some amazing software that allows you to make money in ways I hadn’t before even considered. Before I go into too much detail about Oddsmonkey I will sum it up by saying you absolutely need to be a member here. The £15 is probably the greatest investment I have ever made.

The Daily Offer Calendar.

It should be self explanatory from the image but I can’t overstate how much easier and quicker this makes matched betting. The ability to filter and sort by offer, bookie and difficulty is amazing. It saves me so much time. I can quickly filter out any bookies I don’t have accounts for if I wish making all the offers on the page ones I can complete.

Training & Guides

1 to 1

When you first join up you are entitled to a free 1 to 1 session with a member of the Oddsmonkey staff. They personally walk you through how to make the most of the tools they have on offer and also how to get the most out of matched betting in general. The training you receive is from a matched betting expert who has years of experience. This is worth it’s weight in gold.

Training Guides

All the sign up offers are here and each one has a detailed guide with step by step instructions of what you need to do in order to make money from the offer. Most of them have a video as well so you can watch a member of the Oddsmonkey staff completing the offer.

They also have sections for casino and bingo offers which I didn’t even realise that you could profit from. Some of these are risk free offers which give you the chance to hit big wins as well.

Once you have completed the sign up offers, which should keep you busy for a good while, you can move onto the reload offers. These are the offers that come each day from different bookies and is what allows us to keep making money even after the sign up offers are exhausted. The regular reloads all have detailed guides which you can dip into to get up to speed.

Every day when new offers are posted they come with step by step instructions which you can get from the daily calendar or the community forum.

Community Forum

This is where the site really shines for me. The Oddsmonkey staff are all very active and any questions that are asked get answered almost instantly if you tag the support staff in the post. The thousands of other members are also on hand to help you out as well. This is where I spend most of my time as when new offers come up it’s interesting to see how more experienced matched bettors are approaching offers. They also post great odds and close matches so you can complete offers for lower qualifying losses.

There are official sections that only the staff can post in to keep the offers section tidy but there are great other sections too where members post up offers they have found. This has made my profits go up considerably.



Oddsmonkey’s software is second to none. Forget about other matched betting sites, they honestly don’t compare to what is on offer here. I will quickly go through all the software and tell you how it can make you money or save you time.

Betfair Integration

No other matched betting site has this. You can link your Betfair account to your Oddsmonkey account and lay bets directly from the oddsmatcher and other software. This saves so much time you wouldn’t believe. The main benefit of this is that you don’t have to go and look for the lay bet on Betfair. It’s right there and you can place it with one click of a button. How many times have you seen a great match on an oddsmatcher only to see that it is gone by the time you get over to Betfair. This totally eliminates that frustration meaning you spend far less time looking for a good match and more time completing offers.

The Oddsmatcher

This is the key tool for any matched bettor. Quickly see all the odds and all the close matches that are on offer. If you like an arb bet then there are plenty here to choose from. Obviously as a matched bettor you should avoid arbs to keep accounts healthy but on any gubbed accounts you can make a few quid by simply backing and laying these bets.

There are plenty of filtering options here so you can narrow it right down to the exact market or bookie you are looking for.

The Racing Matcher

Horse racing offers can be really lucrative but finding good matches can be a pain. This is where the racing matcher comes in. It quickly filters each offer and shows you the matches on offer. This allows you to cover more horses more quickly, increasing your chance of a payout. You can quickly jump between the offers at the click of a button.

The Each Way Matcher

This matcher highlights all the opportunities to make a profit from each way bets. They are sorted by profit rating and by clicking the open calculator button you are quickly informed of what bets you need to place to profit from the offer.

Extra Place Matcher

Every day bookies will offer extra places on each way bets. We can take advantage of this by laying the bet at the exchange. Let’s say a bookie is paying 4 places instead of 3. We can lay the win and the place at the exchange for a small qualifying loss. Now if our horse hits the extra place we will win at both the bookie and the exchange. This can lead to big payouts for a small qualifying loss.

The extra place matcher finds these matches for you and then tells you exactly what you need to back and then what you need to lay at the exchange. It involves placing 2 lay bets which makes it more complicated but the software from Oddsmonkey makes this a lot easier.

You can also save your bets so you can come back later and mark them as complete and see how much money you made.

Dutching Matcher

Dutching is a great way to make money without matched betting. It involves placing bets with different bookies to cover all eventualities. If the odds at the bookies are in our favour we can make money no matter the result. It would be impossible to find these opportunities without software.

These bets usually give us the opportunity to make £3-£4 a time.

Accumulator Software

Accas can be a big earner but they are also time consuming and hard to do. By using the Oddsmonkey acca finder you can quickly locate great accas to place and then you can choose how you want to play them. There are multiple options which all have varying degrees of difficulty and make different amounts of money. If you want to lock in a profit from every acca you place you can do that here.

One of the main problems with acca offers is remembering to lay the bets. Oddsmonkey allow you to save your accas in their software, this will then email you an alert to remind you to lay the next leg when it is time.

The Support

Oddsmonkey offer support from 9am-9pm every day of the week. You can either ask questions on the community or submit a support ticket. Either way you get an answer almost immediately. If you are a beginner and feeling daunted by the prospect of matched betting then this is invaluable. You will be made to feel completely at ease by the whole process and it will give you the confidence to try the more complicated offers you may have ignored in the past.


Oddsmonkey is cheaper than it’s competitors despite the fact they offer more features than them! So it makes it a no brainer to sign up with them rather than one of the other inferior companies. It costs £15 a month or £150 for the year to be a member. Not a lot of money when you will end up making around £1000 a month from following their guides.


Oddsmonkey is the number 1 choice when it comes to a matched betting service. Their software is the best, their support is the best and their price point is the best. I really can’t recommend them highly enough. They offer a free trial which give you limited access but they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide to sign up. So you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.




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