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Top 3 Matched Betting Sites Compared

Choosing the right matched betting site might seem like a tough choice so we are going to look at 3 of the most popular and see which one is best.

The best Matched Betting Sites in 2017:

  1. OddsMonkey: The most popular choice. The best software and a great community of matched bettors – £15 per month
  2. Profit Accumulator: One of the first full matched betting sites, a range of software and a large community – £17.99 per month
  3. Profit Maximiser: More casino based, high risk strategies – £118.80 per year

All 3 sites have a bunch of tools and software for us to use to make matched betting that much easier and quicker. I’ve put together a table to show you what software is on offer and what sites are offering what. I must point out that Profit Maximiser has more casino based software that the others do not have, however it is based on very high risk strategies and to me that is not the essence of matched betting so I have left that out of analysis. Matched betting is about making money with as little risk as possible, preferably no risk at all.

OddsMonkey Profit Accumulator Profit Maximiser
Racing Matcher
Dutching Tool (Beta)
Fully Integrated Profit Tracker
Each Way Matcher Extra Cost
Acca Software Extra Cost
Tennis Matcher
No Lay Accas
Extra Place Matcher
1 to 1 Training
Betfair Integration Extra Cost
Monthly Cost £17.99 £17.99 £118.80 per year

Key Software Analysis

The Oddsmatcher:

OddsMonkey’s Oddsmatcher with Betfair Integration

This is a piece of software that compares the odds between the bookies and the exchanges. It means you don’t have to load up all the bookies and exchanges to look for close matches. You can simply load up an oddsmatcher and have all the data presented to you in a handy table. This is pretty much a must have if you are a matched bettor and that is why all 3 companies offer one. You can of course do matched betting without one but the time it saves is worth it’s weight in gold.

OddsMonkey were the original creators of the Oddsmatcher, nearly every matched betting site out there is using a version of an Oddsmatcher created by OddsMonkey. Profit Accumulator used OddsMonkey’s software for years. Once OddsMonkey became a full matched betting service though they decided to create their own version.

Because OddsMonkey’s oddsmatcher has years of development behind it, I think it is the best one available. Profit Accumulators has the advantage of auto refresh which none of the others have. However OddsMonkey’s is an incredibly stable and reliable product. They have also recently added Betfair integration so once you find a match on the software you can place the lay bet right there with one click of a button.

OddsMonkey’s Oddsmatcher also has the greater number of sports and bookmakers available. They regularly add new bookmakers and even cater for many foreign markets. OddsMonkey currently have 125 bookies in their software compared to only 45 in Profit Accumulators.

All 3 oddsmatchers have a filter but it is only OddsMonkey’s version that lets you save filters and set up email alerts based on those filters. You can also change the oddsmatchers data based on your own commission rating so the results are completely personal to you.

The Forum

Once you join one of these sites a lot of your time will be/should be spent on the forum. Although all 3 sites have dedicated sections and calendars for the offers they are also posted on the forum and this is where you should be reading about them. It’s essential to read the comments of other users who have already attempted the offer. That way you can avoid any pitfalls they have fallen into and make sure you get the best possible return from the offer. It’s also a great place to ask questions if you are unsure how to do something.

Both OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator use NodeBB to power their forums. It’s perfect for these types of sites because often the threads are very busy and large and NodeBB allows you to skip to the end of the thread and see the latest posts very easily. You also see new posts coming through in real time so you don’t have to keep refreshing the page to see if there has been new comments. When a sporting event is in progress and there is an offer attached the thread is the place to be. You will often get tips and close matches posted allowing you to make the most of the offers. Profit Maximiser doesn’t have an onsite forum but instead relies on a Facebook group. This is a massive disappointment and a big failing in their offering. Facebook just doesn’t give you a nice experience when reading large conversations. You really need a proper forum so Profit Maximiser are definitely lagging behind in this department.

Acca Software

Accumulator offers are one of the biggest earners for any matched bettor. Although not as lucrative as they used to be they are still a great way to make consistent earnings from matched betting. Profit Maximiser charge an extra £99+VAT a year for their Acca Generator. OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator both offer it as part of their standard membership.

OddsMonkey’s Acca Builder

The standard software for OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator is quite similar. Both generate accumulator bets for you to place based on the bookies offer and terms. You can then open up each acca and save it onto your account, this way you can return to the acca and update it as it unfolds. Both offer you multiple ways to play the acca, whether you want to lock, lay sequentially or lay all at the start. Another great feature of both of these bits of software is that they can send email alerts to remind you to lay the next leg.

OddsMonkey also offer a acca builder which neither of the other two do. With Profit Accumulators acca catcher you are limited to looking at the matches it gives you but you can’t change these in anyway, you can’t swap out games for others etc. OddsMonkey’s Acca builder allows you to do just that. You can swap out games and you get a list to pick from of similar of games with similar odds. This allows for greater customisation and allows you to play accas exactly how you want to. Because of this flexibility the OddsMonkey Acca Builder can also generate no lay accas.  These are accas that you don’t need to lay, you just need to trust the expected value of the accumulator. Over time you should come out on top if you place enough no lay accas with a positive EV. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to profit from accas as the offers become harder to do and hit.


If you are a beginner then at some point you are going to need help and support with your matched betting. Some of the offers require large bets to be placed and if you make a mistake it could be very costly. All 3 solutions have a support system but OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator have dedicated support staff. At Profit Maximiser you are relying on the Facebook group.

Asking a question on the OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator forums will undoubtedly get you an answer, however the difference between the two is that on Profit Accumulator you will get the other members answering and at some point a member of staff may come in. At OddsMonkey the staff are so active on their own forums that most of the time you will get an answer from them within a couple of minutes. The same can be said if you submit a support ticket, providing it’s in their support hours (9am-9pm) so you will get an answer extremely quickly. This provides some extra piece of mind to your matched betting, especially if you are new. Profit Accumulator also offer phone support but the one time I rang it to test it out no one answered the phone.

Tutorials and Guides

OddsMonkey’s Guide Page

All 3 sites offer extensive guides for the bookmakers offers. As a new matched bettor you will be making your way through the sign up offers. This is where you make your first money and it’s how you learn the process of matched betting. So you need the guides to be good. Fortunately all three offer extensive guides for the sign up offers it’s just that some are better than others. Let’s start with Profit Maximiser. There aren’t any video guides for the sign ups here, which the other 2 offer. Their instructions are laid our clearly though so you should be able to follow along. Both OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator have video guides as well as written guides for all the sign up offers. Both will tell you what you need to know and how to complete the offer. The videos make a big difference as you can physically see someone else doing the offer and learn exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Profit Maximiser are once again lagging behind their competitors here. Both OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator allow you to mark off guides as you complete them so you can keep track of where you are and what you have already done.

The only company to offer 1 to 1 training for its members is OddsMonkey. This is free for all members and allows members to receive personal training from a member of their staff. The training lasts for around half and hour and is done via a video call so you can actually speak to the OddsMonkey staff and ask them questions directly.

Other Software

I should start by saying that OddsMonkey have more software and tools than the Profit Accumulator and Profit Maximiser. All the tools on OddsMonkey are incredibly well developed and work as expected. The extra bits of software you get add an extra dimension to your matched betting and offer you alternative and extra ways to profit from bookmakers. OddsMonkey’s Extra Place Matcher is the pick of the additional software for me. It shows you all the extra place races for the day and tells you exactly what you need to do to be within a chance of getting that lucrative extra place pay out.

As I mentioned earlier Profit Maximiser offer a bunch of casino software and simulators to allow you to see the value of high risk casino offers. If you are into high risk offers then this is great for you. Personally I stay away from high risk offers as it means the majority of the time you are losing money and just waiting for your turn to get a big win in order to marginally come out on top. If you have the bank for high risk offers then it’s worth a look but for me it’s not what matched betting is about. Both OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator are more focused on no risk or very low risk offers.

Value for Money

OddsMonkey is undoubtedly the best value for money when it comes to software. They offer the most and their package is the cheapest overall so it’s a no brainer that they are the best value for money. The basic Profit Maximiser package is cheaper but most of the software there is an optional extra meaning by the time you pay for it all it is much more expensive than the other two. Profit Accumulator has continued to charge more than OddsMonkey and

that’s perhaps because they are more well known and feel they can still charge a higher price. Since OddsMonkey came on the scene Profit Accumulator have been forced to drop their price and also have started offering all their software as part of the package. Previously they were charging extra in a similar fashion to Profit Maximiser.

Because OddsMonkey has the best software and tools it is the best value for money overall and is a clear winner on that front.


All 3 sites are very popular and all of them are legit sites that will teach you to profit from the bookmakers. Profit Maximiser has the smallest

user base and this could probably be improved upon if they sorted their dated website out and added a proper community. For me their site is lagging behind and is incredibly dated compared to the other 2 offerings.

Both OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator have very large member bases with busy and active forums. However it is clear that many people who were Profit Accumulator members are now moving over to OddsMonkey to take advantage of the cheaper price and more extensive software. The following graphs were taken from Alexa Rank and show how Profit Accumulator is rapidly losing ground while OddsMonkey continues to climb.

Which one will make me money?

All 3 will make you some money. In fact you can’t fail to make money if you sign up at these sites and follow their guides and tutorials. If you are looking to profit from casino offers then you should pick Profit Maximiser as they are more focused on this. However there is no guarantee you will make money on these types of offers. It’s all a bit too close to gambling. If you are wanting to do no risk matched betting then you need to sign up with either OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator. Now because of the extra software at OddsMonkey then I have to point out that there are more ways to make money here. They have no lay acca software, the extra place matcher, a tennis matcher and the best dutcher. All these mean there are more ways to profit by being a member at OddsMonkey.


I’m going to get third place out of the way really quickly. That falls to Profit Maximiser. While they offer some nice features particular for casino offers their matched betting software and guides are seriously lacking when compared to OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator. Their site layout is also extremely dated and the lack of an onsite community is a serious flaw in their offering.

So it’s between OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator for the best site. I should point out that both are excellent and if you are a newbie to matched betting either site will teach you the ropes and get you making some money. However the choice for me is clear. OddsMonkey has the best offering. They have grown so quickly over the last year and overtaken all their competitors in such a short space of time that you wonder how much more they can continue to grow. They already offer more software than their rivals and at a cheaper price and are continuing to innovate and add new features almost on a weekly basis. It’s an exciting time to be a member of OddsMonkey as they keep adding new ways to make money. In comparison Profit Accumulator feel like they have been standing still for a long time now. While they offer all the essentials they aren’t innovating and coming up with new tools and methods for their members to make money.

OddsMonkey have recently added a profit tracker which is integrated with all their tools so you can now log all your bets with one click. No more spreadsheets. Profit Accumulators profit tracker is blown out of the water by this as you have to enter everything manually there and it takes too long. That is the difference between the sites. OddsMonkey identify a problem and come up with a solution for it with great software. Profit Accumulator do half a job, they give you something that works but ultimately something that could be a lot better.

OddsMonkey are also partnering with Betfair at the moment, not only by integrating Betfair into their tools but they have gotten their heads together to offer all OddsMonkey customers a reduced commission fee of 2% on all lay bets. So by being a member of OddsMonkey you can save a fortune on commission, this means the OddsMonkey membership basically pays for itself.



To celebrate this article OddsMonkey have kindly given the chance for all our readers to get a premium account for just £1. Click the button and enter the code DUMMIES1 to get access for 7 days for just £1!

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